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The INCAnauts

The INCAnauts are students, engineers, Boy/Girl Scouts and any others dedicated to helping mankind here on Earth as they develop technologies that will enable people to live on the Moon and Mars.

The INCA system

Several years ago a new architecture was patented called Inter Nodal Connector Architecture (INCA) that is said to give the functionality of the carbon atom to the design engineer. It does this by using springs to simulate the flexibility of Carbon bonds. Because of that fact the INCA nodes can be connected to form any geometric shape that carbon can form. This system also mimics the elasticity of carbon structures in the fact that, if it is smashed flat, when the weight is removed it will pop back up without coming apart.


Links to other websites with more information on the INCA system

Current research projects

1. Rapid deployment shelters for disaster relief. A picture of a simple framework is on the bottom right. The knowledge gained from the project will then be put towards building structures on the Moon/Mars.

2. An artificial gravity space ring, as proposed by Dr. Wernher Von Braun and illustrated in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubric in 1969.

Utilising the INCA system would make these frameworks to be able to be packed in a crate, launched/driven to their destination and then automaticlly expanded to their predetermined size.

More infomation and project reports to come...

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